If you are human and reading this - it’s time to push back those ugly reptile invaders from our planet! A year ago they arrived in our skies, while scattered governments could do nothing but fall before them. With the old world gone, all our strifes perished as well - and now the remnants of humanity shall stand united to take our Home back... Or die trying. No more fear - upon the ruins of our civilization - the Resistance arises. We have the soldiers, we have the weapons… All we need are commanders. If you are one with intellect and reflexes, don’t hesitate, Earth Liberation awaits!

In a nutshell, Earth Liberation is a short sessioned highly intense RTS, fast-paced with an old-school taste. The focus is on combat rather than on base development or complex economy. The game challenges skilled players without introducing new brain twisting mechanics into the genre. As a Commander of the Resistance, you have to cut through a series of fierce close quarter battles. In Earth Liberation hell drops on you instantly - and your only keys to victory are tactics and rapid decision making.



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Earth Liberation: The Novel One year before the game begins, in 2077, a reptile-like alien race called Khraster almost eliminates нumanity. We had no chance. We were unprepared. We couldn’t know. Or could we… Were there warnings from the ancient ages? “Earth Liberation: The Novel - Part 1” reveals the frightening depth of the in-game conflict by taking you back through Earth’s history. To the times called ‘primal’ by modern scientists. The price for such blindness was Earth.

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